Green Building

We are the protectors of our planet...

What is Green Building?
Green Building is building in an environmentally friendly manner. It is using materials that are certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), an organization that promotes responsible forest resource management. It is using materials from renewable resources such as managed forests, "farmed" trees and agrifiber. Using materials that do not contain added chemicals including formaldehyde. Using natural oil, waterborne and low V.O.C. finishes.

Environmentally Friendly Cabinet Construction
Our Green Built cabinets are manufactured using a variety of eco-friendly materials. We use superior core products like m3-grade particleboard which is FSC certified and prefinished with zero emission UV acrylic durable surfaces. Agrifiber core is a fiberboard made of annually renewable wheat straw, using a formaldehyde-free resin that can be overlaid with veneer. Hardwoods are from certified managed forests or farmed trees. Currently available woods are cherry, maple, walnut and oak. We also offer EcoColorsTM and Lyptus.

Our Green Built cabinets are finished in our certified compliant spray booth. We use natural oils, waterborne and Low V.O.C. finishes to enhance and customize the design of our cabinets.